The Owner Principal’s involvement in shipping can be traced back to 1960 at which time they first utilised Tropis Shipping as their shipbrokers in London.

Tropis subsequently merged with two other companies and their Principals embarked on a new building program.

In 1986, Tropis again started operating independently and became Cape Shipping’s London shipbroking agents in 1987 (for chartering, operations, sale and purchase), when Cape Shipping became managers of the Principal’s vessels.

Over the years, the companies have managed, operated, chartered a variety of ships which have ranged in size from Liberties, IHI Freedom Tweendeckers, Handy Sizes , up to Panamaxes, Capesizes and VLCCs.

For many years the core of the managed fleet was made up of 15000 mt DWT IHI Freedom Tweendeckers. Although these ships were over 30 years old when they were relised, they were still able to trade to Europe in particular U.K. (Tate and Lyle refinery London), Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and USA.
The last of these vessels was sold in 2011.



From 2001 to 2005 Principals commenced a new building program comprising of 2 Panamax and 4 Cape Size vessels built in South Korea. The vessels were able to take advantage of the dramatic increase in freight/hire rates that occurred in recent years and were sold by Principals before the market fell.

Principals have now placed orders in South Korea for 3 x 81,600 mts’ Kamsar Max’ vessels from Sungdong Yard, South Korea, which will form the core of a new managed fleet.


At the end of March 2012 Cape Shipping reluctantly ended their association with Tropis Shipping in order to consolidate their services to Principals within one office.

Cape Shipping are pleased that former employees from Tropis Shipping have agreed to join them thereby ensuring continuity and the same high standard of service.

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