Cape Shipping was established in 1987 to manage vessels for Principals who, since 1960, had conducted their shipping activities through Tropis Shipping, London.

The aim is to offer a full and continually improving service to our Principals whilst protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of people and Owners’/Charterers’ property.

The company has managed, a variety of ships ranging in size from Liberties, IHI Freedom Tweendeckers, Handy Size , upto Panamax , Cape Size and VLCC.

Three newbuilding 81,600 mts’ Kamsar Max’ vessels from Sungdong Yard, South Korea have been delivered during year of 2012 and they form the core of the managed fleet.

The company operates from it’s offices in central Athens, Greece and is managed and staffed by an experienced team who have had long careers in the shipping industry and have substantial knowledge and experience of all shipping matters.

Until recently the Company has been dealing with the technical, crewing and supplies aspect of the fleet and Tropis was dealing with chartering and operations activities.

Since April 2012 Cape Shipping has been undertaking full management services (including chartering and operations) with senior personnel from Tropis Shipping joining the company.

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