All vessels are operated in accordance with I.S.M requirements as well as international and national regulations.

Cape Shipping office and the shipboard safety management system (SMS) strictly comply with the shipping industry’s highest standards, the requirements of the classification society and the rules of the flag state.

All managed ships meet the requirements of international conventions and IMO resolutions, including SOLAS-74 and MARPOL-73/78 Conventions, thereby allowing the Company to operate in all regions of the world.


Environmental Compliance

Cape Shipping S.A. strives to promote and protect the environment by ensuring safe operation and navigation standards on board its vessels. Compliance with our Environmental Management system demonstrates sound environmental practices by controlling the shipboard activities in order to preserve the environment from sources of possible pollutants.



Cape Shipping Safety Management System is Hellenic L.R. certified. This includes environmental management, creating a combined health, safety, environmental and quality management system. Today the system is based on the ISM code and ISPS code.



Our objectives are to maintain and improve the quality of our services through the execution of safe, environmentally sound and economical ship operations. The same is facilitated by best-in-business quality assurance tools.

Cape Shipping Management’s activities are planned and carried out with these goals:

  • No personal injuries
  • No environmental incidents
  • No accidents
  • No damage to equipment or property
  • No lost time in operation



All offices and shipboard personnel are required to support and contribute to the effective implementation of our policies, which include:

  • Safety policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Security Policy
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